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These Terms and Conditions apply to and are incorporated into all contracts, agreements, arrangements, transactions and dealings entered into by PixelFilm Editing with any Customer in relation to the provision of Services by PixelFilm Editing. All work carried out by PixelFilm Editing is on the basis that the Customer has agreed to these Terms and Conditions.


Quotations are calculated by estimating how long it will take to provide the Services under typical circumstances and are based on an event. One round of Customer changes and/or revisions is included in each quotation.
If the Customer instructs PixelFilm Editing that significant changes and/or revisions to the scope of the Services described in a quotation are required then PixelFilm Editing shall be entitled to charge an additional Agree Fee based on a further quotation.


The Customer will pay to PixelFilm Editing the Agreed Fee in the following manner: 50% of the Agreed Fee will be payable prior to the commencement of the Services (“the Deposit”); and The balance will be payable within 2 days of the date of any interim or final invoices submitted in respect of the Services; and PixelFilm Editing will not commence any editing activities until the Customer has paid the Deposit. The customer have to pay 50% advance only when we start project for editing and not before that.
For example, if customer is giving us 5 projects for editing, we will only take advance for the number of projects we start for editing. Also, the payment mediums are Paypal and Bank Transfers. Transaction fees will be given by customer itself.

Variations (additional quotation applies)

PixelFilm Editing will provide the Customer with one (1) ‘draft copy’ of an initial edited videofile.Onlythesongchangewillbedonefreeofcostandanyothereditingrelated servicewillbechargeable dependingontheagreedfees.
Once the proposed changes have been made, PixelFilm Editing will provide the Customer with a ‘final copy’ which is to be used solely for the purpose of verifying that the proposed changes have been correctly implemented. No new changes may be requested unless the Customer purchases another variation. The Customer must notify PixelFilm Editing of any errors in the final copy within two weeks. Once the 2 weeks review period for both the ‘draft copy’ and ‘final copy’ has elapsed, PixelFilm Editing may refuse to make any further changes.

The Customer acknowledges that some changes may not be possible.

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