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Google Drive

First Upload Your Video/photo In Google Drive After Buy PackageOur Daily Download Upload Capacity Is 300GB.


First Upload Your Video/photo In Dropbox Drive After Buy Package,Our Daily Download Upload Capacity Is 300GB.

Hard Drive

are you not able To Upload Video/Photo ? Don’t Very Dump Video & Photo In USB Drive & Shipping To Pixel Films Editing

Wedding Video Editing Including Below Features

pixel films editing is high end video and photo editing service provide world wide we edit all religion wedding films editing like hindu wedding,
sikh wedding,muslim wedding,christian wedding
  • Cut To Cut Editing
  • Multicam
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Level
  • Add Song
  • Bird & Groom Name on Video
  • Your Logo Add
  • Final Editing 90 minute
  • Complete Edited Render Mov File
  • Final Edited Project File

Multi Camera Synchronisation

We are pioneers in the use of Multi Camera Synchronisation. This has a two fold advantage :-One, making wedding video editing easier and two producing spectacular visuals. Since the last 8 years, we are using  Multi Camera Sync software & Manually to edit wedding videos which features include :

  • All camera frame to frame sync
  • Recording 10 camera sync
  • Synchronizing each and every clip

Cut to Cut Editing

Our focus has always been based on our client’s needs. Our extensive use of Forefront techniques to execute Cut to Cut editing illuminates the editorial landscape. This results in a very visually attractive video. Our professionals complete the post production of a Wedding Video in just 60 to 90 minutes after finishing and the file is sent to the couple for their approval. The process followed is as follows :

  • Capturing the perfect Scene on film
  • Understanding the importance of the scene in the Video
  • Implementing the right editing techniques
  • Deleting unwanted visuals
  • Adding special effects on important scenes.

Color correction

Colour correction is a technique used to make the video look gorgeous and life like. Our professionals make use of best colour grading and try out all multi cam colour correction levels to make the video look visually presentable. We also adjust the brightness and contrast levels of the video, thus making it visually appealing to the viewer.

  • Adjust brightness Level
  • Adjust contrast Level
  • Adjust Color Level
  • Adjust Multicam Color

Audio Level

Just as good visualization  is a must for any video, the sound too matters a lot. A bad audio can ruin a wedding footage and so  we work on audio immediately after visualization is completed. Doing a sound decibel check of the audio footage and removing unnecessary noise is done professionally. Later in the post production stage, additional sound and music is added in the background to create a soothing effect.

Final Output

It is important for wedding videos to look more attractive, good in visual and some beautiful songs installed in them to take the videos to the next level. With the proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise, we make use of cross media growth strategies to give the best to the clients.

wedding video editing services

wedding Highlight

This service showcases just the few important moments on your most memorable day of your life. This is beautifully edited and presented in the most visually attractive way using high end editing and post production software.

wedding video editing expert

Wedding Documentary

Meet us and discuss with us to produce a specially scripted documentary about your wedding. This trend is currently the craze amongst youngsters planning to get married, soon. It is just like a pre-wedding shoot, but in Video form.

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