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Professional Videography

Professional Videography 

Show case the working of your machinery, electric equipment   etc as a visual demo catalogue shot by PIXEL FILMS EDITING. Here we will shoot the operating functions from various angles, making sure the viewer gets a 360 degree view of the machinery/ product. Are you making a Video of your company or the services you offer? A video film gives you a detailed description of all the details of your business, visually.

Commercial Videography

A commercial video is also used to promote a product, service or brand. The goal of a video commercial is to raise awareness, acquire new leads, nurture existing ones and increase conversions. PIXEL FILMS EDITING can provide all the above according to your needs.

Commercial videography is used to show a product demonstration, layout of a Real Estate premises, Tourist destination video, staff training video etc.

Industrial Videography

Make a video of your factory/ manufacturing unit and showcase the manufacturing process of your product.  Also show your factory equipment in the video and upload it on your website and make a great impression.

Personal Portfolio

Are you a successful business man? You can have commercial photos of yourself and you can use these photos to promote your skills. This can really come in handy especially to those who also want to be known personalities in their own right.

Hospital Documentary

Show the working of the health care industry through PIXEL FILMS EDITING. This will be a complete film right from the Reception of the hospital to the ICCU with the camera moving across  all the wards of the hospital till the life saving equipment in the ICCU.

Company Documentary

Make a Corporate film about your Company and show it to make a professional impact about your Company.  Show your Company’s office premises, the Directors of the company, film their interviews in the Company video.  Also share the Company’s Vision and Mission in this Company documentary. PIXEL FILMS EDITING ensures that the impression made your Company documentary film lasts for a long time.


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