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Google Drive

First Upload Your Video/photo In Google Drive After Buy PackageOur Daily Download Upload Capacity Is 300GB.


First Upload Your Video/photo In Google Drive After Buy Package,Our Daily Download Upload Capacity Is 300GB.

Hard Drive

are you not able To Upload Video/Photo ? Don’t Very Dump Video & Photo In USB Drive & Shipping To Pixel Films Editing

Wedding Photo Selection

Yet another important part of photography is making the selection of right photos. The difficult level becomes higher when there are lots of photographs and we have to select a few. Incorporated with vast editing knowledge, our professionals know what to select and what to not. Pixels Film Editing is highly acknowledged for doing proper editing and avoids the time consuming process. We outsource the workflow, so it becomes important to decide which image goes well.

The first thing is to look out for the fine details. We choose only those pictures that look good and try to avoid the unwanted one. The photo selection is the best way of making the beautiful memories. The photos are priceless and to keep them for a lifetime is very important. The next thing is to start the selection is by choosing the photos that depict the start of the day. We make sure that we choose those who show right emotions and special moments of the bride and groom. The ceremony venue is the important place that should have a place in the album.

Being a critical process, only our experts make the selection according to the needs of our clients.

Wedding Photo Correction

Wedding photo correction is a technique that is used for retouching the photos to make them more attractive. Many of the time, due to the chaos of the wedding, it becomes not possible to take the correct photos. Light can also be the reason. Photo correction is a way to change the poor quality photographs into the beautiful one. The photo that we present is very good in visual and looks at their best.

Photo correction involves many steps:

  • Fully recomposing a photo
  • Brighten the colors
  • Add contrast
  • Tone up the photos and create a mood
  • Merging the photos together
  • Retouching the look of the groom and bride
  • Eliminating the unwanted objects
  • Retouching the special memories

There are many tools in the market that can be used for the photo correction process. Our experts choose the best from others and use them properly. Choosing the right one is very important for making the wedding videos more eye-catching.


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