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Google Drive

First Upload Your Video/photo In Google Drive After Buy PackageOur Daily Download Upload Capacity Is 300GB.


First Upload Your Video/photo In Google Drive After Buy Package,Our Daily Download Upload Capacity Is 300GB.

Hard Drive

are you not able To Upload Video/Photo ? Don’t Very Dump Video & Photo In USB Drive & Shipping To Pixel Films Editing

Product Photo Editing

  • Before-Image Set 1
    After-Image Set 1
    BeforeImage Set 1After
  • Before-Image Set 2
    After-Image Set 2
    BeforeImage Set 2After
  • Before-Image Set 3
    After-Image Set 3
    BeforeImage Set 3After
  • Before-Image Set 4
    After-Image Set 4
    BeforeImage Set 4After

Background Changes

The background of the images is the most important thing that enhances the look of objects in the image. It definitely adds the visual element and tones well that are required by the images. Our photo editing services team modifies the background without affecting the picture quality. The templates vary according to the sites, so we accomplish the requirements of our clients. It is important that your product images speak better than words.

Product Retouching

This is the first thing required to be done in the field of photography. We provide product retouching service from single image to entire catalogs. Extracting objects or people from still images, background enhancements, color correction, cropping, removing dust, scratches, etc. As an expert, Pixel Film Editing is providing the services in different countries. Our professionals understand the fundamentals of retouching.
  • Before-slider
  • Before-slider1
  • Before-slider2
  • Before-slider2
  • Before-slider2
  • Before- slider2
    After- slider2
    Before slider2After

Jewelry Retouching

A shine and luster jewelry attracts many of us. Retouching has been just a process that is practiced in giving the final presentation to the image. A number of techniques and process are required for the advertisement. It is a sense that should have with every photographer. The retouching is generally made by the experts who have the knowledge of retouching. Pixels Film Editing is best known for these services.

Our Jewelry Retouching Service Includes :

  • Mannequin and Background Removal
  • Color Correction
  • Focus Stacking
  • Merging Photos
  • Shine Enhancement
  • Dust Removal
  • Scratch Removal


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